Athlete Testimonials
"Evan Wood goes by the moniker Just Another Running Coach, but he is more than that. He is a positive energy source and fountain of knowledge. I am a teacher and have seen many master teachers at work. Evan is incredible!! He started with a shoe fitting and form analysis. Next, he structured runs and training to meet me where I was. Within a few sessions, I felt great, was setting PRs, and completed my first half marathon. This is all good, but the truth is he brings joy and enthusiasm to running!! WOW WOW WOW!!!" –Eric G.
"If I had one word to describe Evan it would be "positive". Whether it was our first meeting, in the middle of an 18-mile run at 7am in 30 degree weather, or when I finished my first ever marathon in LA, Evan was always there with a smile or with his contagious enthusiasm over text. What I really appreciated was that he was realistic about goals - not just a yes man but he was really invested in seeing me succeed. When I first started with Evan I was doing 4 miles at 11-minute pace - after 8 weeks I was doing 26 miles at 11-minute pace. You won't find a more genuine and positive coach than Evan (also doesn't hurt he's fast as hell too!)" –Greg C.
"Evan has been an amazing coach, pushing me to do things that were harder than I thought I could do! But he also made me rethink my overall workout schedule, and kept me better balanced (running some workouts slower than I was used to!). He has been the person who has kept me on the straight and narrow with my running through the pandemic, getting me to get faster, while also staying injury free. The real benefits of having a coach are having someone with expertise who can step back and see the big picture, while also tailoring your training to who you are and what your goals are--Evan excels at doing all of that, while also being great fun to work with!" –Saavik F.
"I ran two NYC Marathons where I battled injuries and felt so beat up during the training. I went to Evan with a simple goal of getting through the Chicago marathon “safely” and not feeling so beaten up. Mission accomplished. Evan is very knowledgeable and has a great passion for running. He’s very responsive to my questions and  gave me tips, advice and words of encouragement. No training will be perfect and I did have my fair share of aches and pain but it was more manageable this time around. Having a real person guiding you, to know when to push it and when to ease off, made training less daunting. Evan’s coaching these past months has given me the confidence to go right back into training for my next marathon in Tokyo." -JC M.
"Evan coached me to my first ever NYC Marathon – that I had to be doing virtual in the end but with a great success. It’s even harder to find a great Coach during Covid as you are running on your own. I got the perfect training plan that kept me motivated till the end. I was just ready to run it in the end. And I did - and it did go very well. Did not even feel that I just did run a Marathon after – no pain, no sore legs– just happy. Mission accomplished. Evan planned everything very detailed, clear instructions and looked at every single run I did and that really pushed me to keep going even on days I was not 100% motivated. I highly recommend Evan as a Coach – he does an amazing job coaching. Still using the training plan to finally run the big race with others this year!" –Ulrike M.
"Evan may claim to be just another running coach but he's so much more. He's well versed in all running techniques and training tools. He helped me with speed work and helped me reach a sub 7 min pace in the NYRR Bronx 10 mile. Not only is he great with speed work but he helped me increase my mileage in a healthy and non strenuous way." –Scott P.