The Art of Running:
From First Steps to Marathon Mastery​​​​​​​
Every day, millions of people around the globe take part in the ritual of lacing up, putting one foot in front of the other, and going for a run. To the casual observer, this worldwide phenomenon may seem nonsensical – why would so many people willingly do something so monotonous, aimless, and physically exhausting? Yet, if you ask a million runners why they run, not only will you hear a million different compelling answers... you may feel inspired to try it yourself!
This audio course is about the "art" of running. Just like runners, artists come in many different forms, are guided by their inspiration, and are all capable of making profound artwork, regardless of the medium they choose. Throughout the course, we'll explore how to find YOUR spark of inspiration, equip you with a knowledge of fundamental skills in order to train safely and effectively, and prepare you for long term running success – whether it is filled with finish lines, medals, or personal goals.
The course is made up of 26.2 chapters and over 6 hours of content, covering a vast array of topics ranging from practical knowledge and technique to the more philosophical and psychological aspects of running. The whole thing is available for the bargain price of $26.20... a fitting investment in your running journey!​​​​​​​
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1 - Intro: The Art of Running
2 - First Steps: The Courage to Start
3 - Easy Runs: The Foundation of Every Runner's Training
4 - Run/Walk Intervals: A Run is a Run is a Run
5 - Warmups and Cooldowns: The Workout Sandwich
6 - Footwear Guide Part I: Running Shoe Anatomy, Categories of Shoes
7 - Footwear Guide Part II: Shopping for Running Shoes
8 - Running Form: Hitting Your Stride
9 - Nutrition for Runners: The Meal Deal
10 - Summer, Winter, Altitude, Rain: Embracing the Suck
11 - Running Biology 101: Why Our Bodies are Awesome
12 - Training Plans & Routines Part I: Putting the Pieces Together
13 - Training Plans & Routines Part II: Progressive Overload, Periodization
14 - Zones of Effort: Training with Purpose
15 - Fartlek Runs: Playing with Speed
16 - Tempo Runs: Pushing the Threshold
17 - Hill Training: What Goes Up...
18 - VO2Max Intervals: The Fast and the Furious
19 - Strides and Sprintervals: Shaken, not Stirred
20 - Trail Running: Off the Beaten Path
21 - Marathon Training: Throwing Down the Gauntlet
22 - Rough Patches: The Five Stages of Grief (for Runners)
23 - Tapering: The Calm Before the Storm
24 - Goal Setting: Winning YOUR Race
25 - Marathon Mastery: Racing Strategy
26 - Post-Race Recovery: Sticking the Landing
26.2 - Outro: The Journey Continues