Group Training

"It's not just a team, it's Just Another Running Team!"
Want to train with Coach Evan and an unofficial team of awesome runners? During select times of the year, I'll be offering a free group training experience for some of the biggest races on the calendar - the United NYC Half, RBC Brooklyn Half, TCS NYC Marathon, and more. My goal is to create a fun and supportive group that will allow social and goal-oriented runners to thrive, even if everyone's time goals and levels of experience are different.
TCS NYC MARATHON 2023 - FREE 20-Week Training Group, open to join at any time!
Group Speed Workout times / locations: (all dates tentative)
Group workouts tend to meet at Fleet Feet / New York Running Company in the Columbus Circle Mall, where we have access to lockers, bathrooms and water. We aim to return by 8pm, and often get a bite to eat afterward! We may occasionally meet at a different location, so please sign up through the contact form to be included on all emails.
June 22nd @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 1
July 6th @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 2
July 20th @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 3
August 3rd @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 4
August 17th @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 5
August 31st @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 6
September 14th @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 7
September 28th @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 8
October 12th @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 9
October 26th @ 6:30pm - Central Park: WORKOUT 10

Team Zoom call schedule: (all dates tentative)
These calls serve two purposes: they're a great opportunity for us to share how our training is going, ask questions and learn from one another - and they're also a great time to learn from the coach, who will give a 30min presentation on various training topics! In order to receive the Zoom links, you must sign up through the contact form.
June 18th @ 4:00pm - ORIENTATION
July 2nd @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 1
July 16th @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 2
July 30th @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 3
August 13th @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 4
August 27th @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 5
September 10th @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 6
September 24th @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 7
October 8th @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 8
October 22nd @ 4:00pm - TEAM CHECK IN / TRAINING TALK 9
October 29th @ 4:00pm - COURSE STRATEGY / PACING
November 9th @ 6:30pm - POST-RACE CELEBRATION
Want a 20-week or 16-week custom training plan to go along with the experience?

When you sign up for group training, you get access to:
•Bi-weekly Thursday night group workouts led by Coach Evan in Central Park
•Bi-weekly team Zoom calls on non-group run weeks (usually Sundays at 4pm) to discuss how training is going and presentations on training-related topics
•Course strategy presentation + pacing strategy assistance to help you hit your goals
•The ability to reach out and ask questions any time!
*Please Note: This experience is best enjoyed by those who can attend the group workouts. Having high attendance at group workouts makes the whole experience better for everyone, so please sign up only if you intend on joining us!
**Also Note: Signing up does NOT gain you entry into any race that the program is geared toward. But even if you're not training for the race, or any race at all, you're still welcome to join us!
***Last Note: Just Another Running Team does NOT require exclusivity from other clubs, teams or groups. Participation in the team will not affect your standing with other groups, and members of all clubs are welcome to join the team!

Want me to lead you and your friends, club, charity team or company on a memorable run or series of runs? My group workouts are always designed to be inclusive of all paces and levels of experience.
2 Runners - $50/hour per person
3 to 7 Runners - $30/hour per person
8+ Runners - $25/hour per person