Custom Training Plans
If you're searching for a fully customized, comprehensive training plan tailored to your needs and goals as a runner, but you're not necessarily looking for the 1-on-1 coaching experience, you're in the right place!
• Virtual meet & greet to establish goals and discuss previous running experience 
• Comprehensive, personalized training plan with your current goals and training history taken into account 
• Detailed walkthrough of your plan, explaining each workout and training week  
• Access to over 60 pages I've written on a variety of topics including training principles, running psychology, workout routines & exclusive videos 
• Racing strategy (if applicable)
• Ability to reach out and ask questions any time!
12-Week Training Plan: $170
This plan is best for: 5k and 10k veterans, Half Marathoners who are new to the distance or already have a base of weekly mileage,  new runners who want to take their time to learn the sport, run/walkers who want to get better at running for longer periods of time, and runners who have a clear short-term race goal.
16-Week Training Plan: $210
This plan is best for: Marathoners and Half Marathoners of all levels, runners who aspire to achieve a personal best race performance at any distance, runners who want to experience a periodized training plan, and runners who want a professional to help them maintain longterm continuity in their training.
20-Week Training Plan: $250
This plan is best for: First time Marathoners, runners of all levels with longterm or multiple race goals, runners who wish to build their mileage, strength and speed from the ground up through a full-fledged periodized plan, runners who want longterm continuity in their training, and runners who like a good deal!
*Please allow up to two weeks for your training plan to be created. Additional time may be needed depending on demand and complexity of your plan.
**If you wish to upgrade to 1-on-1 coaching at any point during your plan, please reach out and we will discuss how to adjust the fees appropriately.